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"Making request with joy, for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now" (Phil. 1:4-5)

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Daily Sowers Gospel Literature

The following short messages are intended for the modern man who scarcely has time to read anything long. Their objective is to present the Good News in the shortest and clearest way possible. These can be downloaded free and then printed on both sides on any laser printer preferably on heavy and colored stock if possible, in letter format (8 1/2" X 11"); one sheet printed on both sides gives 8 tracts, consequently, 4 sheets will give enough tracts to meet your Daily Sower commitment for a month! You need to ensure the paper is replaced properly in the printer to print the back and get the right disposition; this might take a few tries but it will work with any printer. Then all you need to do is cut up the sheets to get the individual tracts. You can also distribute the downloaded pages to others so they can make two sided photocopies for their own distribution or simply offer to print their tracts for them. Click on the desired title below to dowload the text or, if you prefer, simply order some from our supplier. Don't forget to look up (just click on the language link) the resources we offer in French, in Spanish and in Creole also (just click on the language link)!

Available Titles

(Click the title to acces the pdf format and then print the document.)

Small card format (8 per 8 1/2" X 11" sheet)
             GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST
             LAST MINUTE OFFER

             HAVE A SAFE TRIP

             MIRACLE ON THE BUS
             MIRACLE AT THE MALL
             MIRACLE IN OHIO

     HOW TO GET TO HEAVEN FROM*... series
             NEW JERSEY
             NORTH CAROLINA
             SOUTH CAROLINA

*IMPORTANT NOTE: you can combine the MIRACLE and HOW TO GET TO HEAVEN series above. For example, you could have MIRACLE IN ATLANTA or HOW TO GET TO HEAVEN FROM THE MARKET etc...

Half sheet format (2 per letter format sheet)
             JUDGMENT TEST
The PDF file of this bilingual tract (French/English) allows to print both sides and then to fold the tract in three and get a title showing on each side.
NOTE: All the above tracts can be ordered from us also - quantity prices available.

JUDGMENT TEST ON THE WEB     Click this title to access the electronic version of this tract. Once you have seen it, why not send this link to someone else

PERSONALIZED TRACTS   All the above tracts can equally be personalized with your address or your group or church's address rather than the present Daily Sowers address.You simply need to send us an email with the exact name and address you want; please don't extend beyond the space presently used. When we will have modified a copy of our original message, we will send you an email with the new pdf format tract as an attachment. You can then print it yourself or have it sent to a printer for larger quantities.

TARGETED MESSAGES - Tracts with targeted messages are also very attention getting. For example a title like "How to Get to Heaven from New York (or any other place)" is likely to provoque the curiosity of one living in that city or state. You could use the Miracle text (see above) and have the title Miracle in (the name of your community). So we can make a message like that for any given community and send a PDF version to print and produce quantities from. We can also personalize the message by trade (for example "Good News for Nurses, for Students etc). We can do so by age group or any other selected grouping. The posibilities are limitless. With the PDF file letter size format all becomes possible. Let us know your needs and we will see if we can possibly help out. Send us your ideas, your texts and if they are interesting, we might make them available also.

Outreach Ideas and Suggestions

In addition to the traditionnal hand distribution of gospel literature in mail boxes and car windshields where permitted, there are many other occasions which offer possibilities:


  • By Emails - Sending an email is an excellent way to freely share the Good News. You only need to find a short fitting message you are comfortable with and send it to the email adresses you want to reach. It is a very simple way of meeting your Daily Sower commitment. Sending one email per day to a different address is not that difficult is it? We even have a selection of messages ready to be sent; you can send them as is or copy and paste and then make any changes you feel would make them more personal or appropriate for the recipient. Here are some message suggestions (to which we might add others). Consider also sending us your personal messages you feel others might want to use.

  • While Chatting - Whether in chat rooms or while chatting on-line with friends use every opportunity to present, share, offer dowloads etc. in view of bringing up the subject, in stimulating opportunities or suggesting questions or topics that will open a door for the Gospel. You should also do this with your Christian friends. Why not tell them about this site and, if it be the case, your Daily Sower commitment. This commitment can be even used as a reason to tell someone about the Lord Jesus. Why not share with them the Web reference given below?

  • By sharing Web References - Add to your emails a web reference you would like people to visit. Invite people to visit a Christian web site or look up an interesting article with a Christian message. It can be something about creation or nature or even news events presented in a Gospel perspective, or any other subject giving entrance to the sharing of the Good Tidings. Here is ours; we invite you to check it out and then use it as much as you like: Think of it, refering this last web page once a day lets you meet your Daily Sower commitment! Click here to refer this last web page to someone you want to present the Gospel to. Maybe you can do this throughout your mailing list and get ahead (or catch up) in your Daily Sower commitment!

BY TELEPHONE - You can simply pick up the phone and call anyone from the phone book and ask politely if you can share a verse of Scripture with them, with or without comment. Getting a little introductory script ready is a good idea. You just need to get over your initial shyness and maybe a few sharp hang-ups to experiment some great sharing opportunities.

THROUGH CALENDARS - Giving Gospel calendars is an effective way of sharing the Good News, particularly from mid November to the end of January. There are the small pocket calendars which are very well received and also larger more expensive ones.  Click here for calendar supplier.

WHEN TIPPING - When leaving a tip is a good occasion to add a little gospel message. A little thank you card is available which gives a nice message. But if you are a stingy tipper, it is better to abstain!  Click here for thank you card supplier.

WITH ZEAL - Keep tracts handy, in your pocket, purse, car, by the entrance when you answer the door at home... Go beyond your Daily Sower commitment; set objectives; think of other opportunities in your community, festivals, fairs, special events. Maybe make a special message for one of these etc.

BE CONTAGIOUS - Zeal and enthousiasm are contagious. Encourage your bothers and sisters in Christ to become active in outreach. Why not suggest they become Daily Sowers themselves?


  • Verses To Color - You can make nice verses to color for children or Sunday School activities. Just type a verse on your computer and pick a bold font, then select the bold style and the outline style. With the larger font sizes this should give large caracters which can be colored by the children. Add clip art and borders and then print and have them colored to make nice texts to hang up. Many word processors have a special menu item for this (like WordArt in Word). Here is an example.

  • Mystery Verses - Give Bible Verse word puzzles to friends. Once you have decifered them yourself you can supply clues and then maybe talk about the verse. See our selection.

  • Suppers And Group Games - Suppers and group games offer good opportunities to bring together young people and older ones too for an activity with believers. After supper and before the games, someone is asked to share a short appropriate Gospel message - the good seed is then sown in many hearts while encouraging fellow believers too. Click here to see some suggested games.


PRAYER - It is important to pray for your Gospel activities and for those to whom you shared the Good News.

MEEKNESS - It is better not to argue with people. Rather, we should always be polite and full of the love, joy and compassion of the Lord.

Help us

QUESTIONS - SUGGESTIONS - COMMENTS - OTHER INPUT - You can help us by sending your questions, suggestions, comments or contructive criticism in view of improving our site and outreach ministry. Informing us of your commitment would be a real encouragement: Click here to inform us of your commitment . We would be most thankful to the Lord to see this ministry grow and extend into your community. You can email us anytime at:

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