Meditation number 115

From CNN news April 11 2005

Referring to a possible attack by Jewish right wing activists on the mosque of Omar on the temple mount in Jerusalem. “Israel has stepped up security in Jerusalem recent days. Security officials say they fear hardliners will attack the hilltop shrine, home to the Al Aqsa and Dome of the Rock mosques, with the aim of blocking the Gaza pullout. Possible scenarios include the firing of shoulder-launched missiles at the mosque. Carmi Gilon, former head of the Shin Bet security service, said that in the event of such an attack, Israel would find itself at war with the entire Muslim world. "Of all the means ... of stopping disengagement, no doubt the Temple Mount is the doomsday weapon," he told Israel Radio. A visit to the site in September 2000 by then-opposition leader Sharon led to rioting that escalated into more than four years of violence. Jews revere the Temple Mount as the site of their biblical temples, while Muslims tradition says the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven from the spot.” Let us look up dear ones. It is not far off the hour when Christ will come to take us out of this scene of strive and coming judgment. The only one who ascended to heaven is the one who came from heaven our blessed Lord Jesus Christ who will come again in like manner as He ascended (Acts 1 :11) and will command reverence by all (Rev. 1:7, Phil. 2 :9-11). But before He is manifested to every eye, we will be caught up in the air to meet Him and be with Him forever (1 Thes. 4:16-17, Col. 3:4). This is for very very soon. Look up! Expect Him at any moment!

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