Meditation number 110

The finger of God

A remarkable parallel can be made from Exodus 31:18 (or Deuteronomy 9:10) and Deuteronomy 10:4 with John 8:6 and John 8:8. As God had stooped down twice in the Old Testament to write with his finger on the earth so in like manner the Lord Jesus, God manifest in flesh, stooped down twice in the New Testament to write with his finger on the earth (the word translated ground here is the same which is translated earth in other passages) . A remarkable parallel as Jesus is revealed to the eye of faith as the very one Who had given the law to Moses. We can only suggest thoughts of what the Lord Jesus was writing on the ground, as the Spirit of God has not chosen to reveal it to us. Could He not have been writing those very words his powerful fingers has written to Moses of old; surely any righteous souls would have to be condemned by what the ten commandments required of such and none would feel sinless before it’s incisive words and must needs leave, one by one, convicted of personal failure to keep the law! The older ones well knowing they had not kept the first commandment, the youngest condemned for not keeping the last, thou shalt not covet! So it was going to be with the rich man in Mark 10:17. So it would be with all of mankind! But what words of mercy to this sinful woman ready to be stoned, I condemn thee not, go and sin no more. Here is the only One who could cast a stone as He was the only sinless One. Yet He would be the One removed a stone’s cast from his disciples (Luke 22:41) to rehearse the passion of Calvary with his Father where He would bare the sins of many, namely mine. Probably hers! How about yours?

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