Meditation number 62

AHIMAAZ’S RACE(read 2 Samuel 18 : 14-33)

Why did Ahimaaz exert himself to pass Cushi and then to not fully give the news to king David? I believe, that in love for David, knowing what grief this news would be to his heart, he could only prepare him in some small measure for the terrible news. All this energy used up in this long race, …just for that? The facts were there; the bad news could not be changed; but Ahimaaz did all he could to lessen the shock for the one he loved and served.
Why did John run faster than Peter (Jean 20:3-5); was he a better athlete or was his heart burning for the Lord? And you? Why are you running? For honors? To be noticed? Or simply by affection and deep love for the One Who has called you to follow Him? Or even, at this late hour, no doubt the last, does Paul’s question to the Galatians apply to you «Ye ran well; who (or what) has stopped you?» (Gal. 5:7 NT).
And then what a beautiful picture we have also in Ahimaaz of a soul who runs to the Father because of the death of the Son. To us who have run to find refuge in the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus, may God grant us the spiritual energy to come to the Father to speak to Him about His Son, in praise and adoration, to “do this in remembrance of Him” with hearts deeply moved by the love of the Father for the Son, and that of the Son for the Father and that of the Father and the Son for each one of us!

Rise our hearts, and bless the Father Ceaseless song e’en here begun, Endless praise and adoration To the Father and the Son! LF 98—6

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