Meditation number 29

Christian Grammar - Antonyms

Lesson: Antonyms are words of opposite meaning to one another: ex. fast and slow are antonyms. A word might have different antonyms. For instance, both STOP and FINISH would be anonyms to the word START depending on the meaning. So here are two short sentences as example. 1 - In you Christian life, it is important to get a good START but make sure you also FINISH your course (cf 2 Tim. 4:7). 2 - As to giving in to the flesh, make sure you donít START something you wonít be able to STOP. NOTE: As to no. 1, the One Who has started a good work in you will complete or finish it unto the day of Jesus Christ (see Phil. 1:6, Job 23:14, Ps 138:8). So make a good start and trust in the Lord till you get to the finish line Ė donít do as many, that is, give up along the way! As to no. 2, take to heart the good advice of Proverbs 4:14-15, 5:22-23, 7:24-27. Be wise and donít start in any such course. Homework: Read up the references in your Bibles, store them in your heart and practice every day. Test and exam: Today, tomorrow and the day after!

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